• Preacher – Poet – Storyteller
    Preacher – Poet – Storyteller
  • A rancher’s heart
    A rancher’s heart


  • A unique brand of cowboy poetry

  • Inspired by the cowboy way

  • Keeping The Tradition Alive
    Keeping The Tradition Alive

About Poppa Mac

kamloops-Cowboy-FestivalPoppa Mac is a cowboy poet, preacher, and storyteller. His heart is steeped in the ways of the old West.  


Forgive Me I’m Just an Old Cowboy
People call me old fashioned and say I’m outta touch Cause I don’t watch TV or read the paper too much Forgive Me I’m Just an Old Cowboy…
Behind the Grease Paint
Another performance over and his work is done Most of the grease paint was gone from his face His life as a rodeo clown has just begun It’s…
Uncle Joe Saves Christmas
Dec 24th and so much to do Chore list just grew and grew Feed the animals clean stalls No time for deck the halls Chores are finally done…