Uncle Joe Saves Christmas

Dec 24th and so much to do
Chore list just grew and grew
Feed the animals clean stalls
No time for deck the halls

Chores are finally done
Now time for some fun
Drink an eggnog and rum
Maybe eat a sugar plum

The rum went ma head
So it’s off I go to bed
Hope I can sleep
Hate counting sheep

Was the middle of the night
When I woke with a fright
To what sounded like a hoof
Landing right on my roof

Well I had to explore
So headed out the door
Santa’s sleigh and reindeer
Were sitting right here

They looked in trouble
Got up there on the double
When reindeer let out a yelp
I knew they needed help

Not sure what they’ve been through
But Santa didn’t know what to do
He was about to abandon ship
And not finish his annual trip

I’m still thinking it’s a dream
But I offered up my heavy team
They would work for hay
And could surely save the day

Flying horses might seem odd
Thinking about it I’m still awed
But I helped him make the switch
Soon they were part of Santa’s hitch

Six matched Shires now in reins
In the sky dodging planes
Delivered gifts in the night
For children to open with delight

It was dark when they came back
Santa was smiling with an empty sack
My horses helped him get it done
Even with each weighing close to a ton

Horses were unhooked and combed out
Then Santa and reindeer left with a shout
Uncle Joe you saved the day
And with a wave they were on their way.